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A Review of the 13th Floor Haunted House

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What a cool haunt! I don’t know if all the rumors of the ghostly activity inside the actual warehouse are true, but certainly the haunt itself held up to its expectations. It is a dark haunt. Not literally speaking, but there is a very ominous feeling about the warehouse itself. The setting is awesome! As you walk into the warehouse to get in the cue line, the scene reminded me a lot of the first “Blade” movie where the vampires are all dancing to their techno Goth like music in an abandoned warehouse under showers of blood. Unfortunately, there were no vampires slaughtering all of us unsuspecting victims, but there was a hot Goth chick doing a hot dance to entertain you while standing in line! There also a freak show, but I will let the other critics mention something about that and cut to the chase.

With a name like the 13th floor, I was really curious as to how they were going to pull that off and make it feel like you’re climbing multiple floors. Well… they did it! You step into an enclosed elevator room and suddenly you feel like
you really are in an old rickety elevator that could drop at any second. The actors here did a terrific job making you believe that you could too. Once on the 13th floor, the scenes began to unfold. One thing that really stood out in
this particular haunt, were the props looked very movie quality real. There was a severed head in a container that was awesome! I thought the coolest gag, which I am sure all the critics also dually noted, was the ghostly bride. She
slithered in and out of the rooms in the dark and was really creepy the way she moved. Just like if you were to really see a ghost, she was there for a split second, and gone the next.

The acting I felt was fantastic. The little scenes I thought were great! The smoke was perfect! I like it when you can’t see much in front of your face and don’t know exactly where you are going. Over all, I really loved this entire haunt. I felt it really held up to all the others that have had the benefit of running for years. I can’t wait to see the adjustments made and how much further it goes in years to come.

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The Asylum Haunted House Review: Denver, CO

The Asylum Review, colorado haunted house, denver haunted house review

Haunted House Review by: Jason B. (Source:



The Asylum has always been that haunt that capitalizes on two things, the Dark and the Strobe. This year is no different. Make no mistake, this haunt is not suitable for younger children, as evidenced by the group ahead of mine which included two parents and 3 very young children – who were so terrified that they were literally frozen with fear not 2 rooms into the haunt and had to be escorted out. There are lots of disturbing and gory imagery in this haunt, which of course always makes my day. The actors/actresses are excellent! Each one acts accordingly as an inmate in an insane asylum and they literally are bananas crazy. Their intensity is rival to that of any other haunt in Denver – they are just as creative and intense. I’m not sure if I didn’t notice this last year or if this is new, but there seems to be even more drawings and scribbles on the walls throughout the haunt. The best part is that the high intensity strobes they use really distort your vision and make the drawings even sinister – I swear it seems like some of them even move across the walls because you’re so disoriented. The Asylum has plenty of scares to offer as well, whether it’s the deranged inmates dressed like a clown climbing on the walls, a lonely girl singing a disturbing lullaby or the magnificent electrocuting man – who is getting shocked so hard his head comes within inches of your nose this year as you walk by. As usual, The Asylum delivers once again.


Intense acting and very disorienting strobes


3-4 tents just isn’t enough for me, I want a dozen ;)

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13th Floor Haunted House Review

13th Floor denver, 13th floor review, colorado haunted house, denver haunted house review

Haunted House Review by: David (Source:



13th floor is the newest haunt by the people who created the Asylum haunted house up by Boondocks fun center. Arriving at the haunt, it is a bit deceiving; it is certainly not tall enough for 13 Floors. It may be two stories
tall. Our expectations for a tall building are quickly changed when we were greeted by one of the haunt’s “Hosts”. We were asked, “What’s wrong with this building?” Obviously it’s too short. Then the English accent let us know that it’s not above ground as we were ushered through the door.

Once in the building you are given the option to go through a “Sideshow”. This obviously campy section had quite a few strange and classic things you might expect at a circus freak show or state fair. They had an alien body,
bearded lady and other strange sights. For people interested in such things it may be a great way to pass some of the time while waiting in line for the main attraction.

Once finished with the freaks the haunt attempts to transport you to a different plane of existence. You are first placed into a creepy elevator supposing to take you to the non-existing 13th floor. After a creepy ride down with some strange “Workers” you are let out on Floor 13. This floor looks like it’s under some sort of construction, but there are a lot of things you would never expect. There are tons of things from old cars with rednecks working on them to specters. There are also parts trying to play on phobias from claustrophobia to bugs and snakes.

The characters are really the spotlight of this attraction. They have some really scary and twisted people hanging around to give you a few scares. A couple of note able mentions are the woman in the dress and the guy with the strait jacket. I also liked the room with multiple doors where there is a creepy person trying to get you to go the wrong way.

Not everything is fantastic however. There were a few items that for my tastes were not hidden enough. I saw speakers and fog machines that could have maybe been concealed a bit more for instance. There are ways that these items could be hidden into the environment by hiding them in the wall or building them in to a prop. Also, I could in a couple of places hear the music from the freak show. This may be a bit more difficult to remedy likely because of the areas not being sealed off completely.

Overall, for a first year new haunt this was really great. It’s a fun haunt that proposes that the hidden 13th floor of a building is hidden for a very good


Atmosphere, a few good actors, cool but strange idea for line entertainment


Some things should be more concealed, some environments need to be separated

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